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Monday, March 15, 2010

Maranatha here at the Hopital

Maranatha International is here with us at the hospital providing assistance in a couple of different ways.  Back in early February Maranatha contacted LLU about the possibility of sending in some volunteers to provide boots on the ground assistance with our work at the hospital.  On February 19th six Maranatha volunteers arrived at the hospital for a full six week stay to serve in anyway we needed them to.  These six people have been the force behind the amazing transformation of our central supply from the piles of boxes and bags to the well organized HAH Depot Central.



 L - R Marcello Martinez, Bob Chase, Ashleigh Cohen, Dan Patchin, 
Myrlene Honore (not pictured Marilyn Patchin)

In addition to their work in the Depot Central, each of these volunteers has contributed in his or her own special way around the hospital.  Ashleigh has served as our base camp manager and also doubles as a social worker helping to find orphans homes and debriefing volunteers on their departure dates.  Myrlene has filled many gaps due to her Haitian background and language skills.  Bob has used his carpentry skills to build a number of custom shelves in various rooms around the hospital.  Marcello has taken on the responsibility for maintaining the oxygen supply in all departments of the hospital managing 16 D and E size bottles and 20 large M tanks.  And Dan has served as the Supply Unit Leader for the operations committee.

1 Day Church Structures
Maranatha has also sent in a team to build us 5 of their 1 Day Church Structures to be used anyway we see fit.  The first of these has just been completed and is planned to be volunteer housing.  Structures number 2 and 3 will be done shortly and will be used as volunteer housing and out patient pediatrics.  4 and 5 will go up next week and will provide shelter for urgent care/triage and an ER expansion.

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  1. Andrew, we have profiled this Maranatha innovation at The New Haiti Project.