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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Going back to Haiti

I am writing this post from LAX while waiting to board a red-eye flight to Miami.  From Miami I'll fly to the Dominican Republic where I will overnight at the Nelson home.  Early Tuesday morning I will fly back into Port-au-Prince on board the same little yellow Piper Chieftan that got me out of Haiti last Tuesday.  While my trip home was brief it was so good to see my family and enjoy a few moments of rest.  To say I stopped working while I was home would be a farce.  Keeping connected with the work at the hospital, gathering supplies, communicating with the various NGO's and military contacts in Haiti, conference calls,  press interviews, and making sure the Florida team met their ride at the PaP airport kept me on the job even if I was in So. Cal.

While leaving my family again after such a short visit is heartbreaking, I am anxious to return to the Hospital and the work waiting for me there.  I am carrying in two huge duffel bags filled with surgical supplies, many of which were requested just today.  I am looking forward to seeing the progress on the central supply shelving, and the construction of the water main from the 60,000 gallon tank up at the university.  I'll be sure to get pics of those soon.  Reports from those on the ground at the hospital are of increased organization, and the movement of some patients back into the hospital.

Volunteers - We are thrilled to announce that we have teams of medical personnel scheduled to serve at HAH well into April.  If you are interested in volunteering at HAH please visit the LLU Global Outreach website and fill out the volunteer form.  LLU Global Outreach is coordinating the volunteer staff for HAH in partnership with Adventist Health International, CURE International, Florida Adventist Hospital, and Park Ridge Adventist Hospital.

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