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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Autoclave

A quick introduction: I’m Michael Wolcott, myself and Cosmin Cosma from the office of University Relations at LLU are in Haiti for a couple of weeks. From time to time we’ll try and help Andrew out a little by updating this blog.

A new autoclave came to the hospital today. The US Navy and US Army brought it and unloaded it. It was quite a feat and great to see my tax dollars at work. The autoclave will allow the hospital to safely sterilize more equipment.

There’s also word about the shelving that will allow all of the supplies to be organized. It sounds like it might be arriving tomorrow.

We’ve been here for two days and are amazed by the work of the volunteers, a stream of people pour into the hospital and they’re able to see patient after patient day and night.


  1. A second autoclave. Awesome!!! God just keeps providing one needed item after another, doesn't He? Praise Him!

    May the Lord continue to bless everyone–Dr. Archer and staff, volunteers, patients, the U.S. Army & Navy, and contributers from around the world.

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  7. Aww. I know it’s been two years since the Haiti earthquake, but it still affects. I’m pretty sure the need for medical services rose since then. But I’m glad the government provided medical equipment such as the autoclave. By sterilizing medical paraphernalia, the autoclave can help prevent the spread of diseases.

    Carmella Eaglin

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