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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day from Haiti

We have had a couple of slower days at the Hopital due to the national day (or 3 days) of mourning which was Friday Feb. 12th, one month after the initial earthquake.  While patient load has been less there has been plenty of work to be done.  We have received so many supplies in the last 3 days that we have filled our 4 supply rooms to capacity, and have started filling up the ramp again.  We are still waiting for our shelves but are hopeful some will arrive this coming week.

LLU Team 2 arrived on Friday night and includes:
  • Brock Cummings, MD Ortho Surgeon
  • Everly Lafontant, MD Family Medicine
  • Christa Chandy, MD Internal Medicine
  • Brook Beck, RN
  • Donna Pidder, RN
  • Marc Julissme, RN
  • Tim Hickman, Supplies & Facilities
While we are excited about each and every one of our volunteers, we are particularly excited about Brook, Christa, and Tim, who have committed to stay here with us for multiple months.  Longer volunteer commitments really help us create continuity of service, something we desperately need around here.

Things to look forward to this coming week:
  • A higher bandwidth Internet connection - Thank you ACTS & High Alert
  • A second Autoclave - Thank you Hopeforce
  • 3 more LLU Medical Students from the class of 2010
  • The LLU/AHI Media Team
  • The Maranatha Team of 6 along with their 6 structures to build on the property
  • And all the other volunteers that will be heading our way
and now how bout some pics:

CURE Intl. Team 1 heads home

CURE Intl. Team 2 plays with the kids on their first day

A German helicopter lands in front of the ADRA warehouse to take aid supplies to remote camps
We have various accommodations here for our volunteer staff

More volunteer housing

The General Store - supplies left behind for others

The supply ramp full again.  It was empty when I returned less than a week ago and now continues on like this another 30 or so feet around the corner.

The supplies are in the ramp because we have 4 supply rooms that look like this.

Please pray for the people of Haiti, our volunteers here, and that we get some shelving this week.
Thanks for reading.


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