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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Early morning report from Dr. Nelson

1/16/2010 5:15AM PST

Scott reports this morning that he worked most of the night fighting with gangrene and septicemia and much of his work unfortunately was amputations rather than stabilizations. He remains upbeat and is as focused as ever on the mission ahead of him. He is encouraged to hear that reinforcements from LLU and the orthopedic community will be arriving shortly. He was also thrilled to hear that the LLU community was seeing his images and donating via the LLU Haiti relief fund.

For those readers who have been to the Hopital Adventiste d’Haiti, Scott asked me to relay a sad story. The son of the woman in the yellow dress was sadly crushed to death. He apparently was trapped but alive for about 48 hours and the woman in the yellow dress was able to be with him most of that time. During the recovery effort to free him, a crane broke and dropped a large concrete slab crushing him. Scott said that while she was clearly still grieving the woman in the yellow dress was back on duty at Hopital Adventiste d’Haiti.

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