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Monday, January 25, 2010

Friends and Fuel Trucks - A Pictorial

We've had another set of remarkable days here at Hopital Adventiste d’Haiti.  Arrivals, departures, and a drive across town in the daylight, have provided a few pictures that tell some of the story...

Chris Vannucci and Mike Fishell head home in the box truck, the 1st of the LLU team to leave.  (not quite the luxury we flew down in)

The 1000 bed, 50 O.R. USS Comfort has arrived and is anchored in the bay off Port-au-Prince.  We have been able to transfer several of our most critical patients to the ship.

Total collapse

Much needed fuel has arrived in Haiti.


More destruction

 Sugar cane for sale above the dump/river.
(the cane was swarming with flys)

The beautiful Haitian children riding the bus.

My friend goes home.  Dr. Nelson headed home to the Dominican for a few days of much needed rest but plans to return here to HAH this weekend.

A quick note about our fund raising effort.  While I do not have accurate figures to share, I understand that the LLU Haiti Relief fund is doing extremely well.  Thank you all so much and please continue to give.  The ongoing and long term needs of this facility are great and your monies will help this community immensely.

Lastly, there are so many people and groups wanting to volunteer their time and skills here at HAH that we have had to setup a management group stateside simply to orchestrate the volunteer groups.  We have asked that all volunteers or groups of volunteers wishing to serve here to please contact the LLU Global Health Institute prior to making travel plans.  Haiti is going to need volunteer help for a very long time and we will need each of you at some point, just not all at once.  Thanks.  

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