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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some pictures from the week

Wave two of the LLU team arrives (Dr. Chris Jobe far right)

An amputation patient in post op

Our new Sterilizer

Dr. Brad Walter provides post-op care
for an external fixation patient

A day in the O.R.

The U.N. Health cluster meeting

The 8:00AM ACTS volunteer meeting

The LLU Public Health Assessment Team
L - R Walleska Bliss, Dr. Ryan Sinclair, Jesse Bliss
Tiery Osais, Andrea Champlin

Dr. Duwayne Carlson and Dr. Scott Nelson insert a femur pin

Our new inflatable outdoor O.R. tent (thank you GlobalMedic)

A field O.R. kit in pelican cases courtesy of the US Armed Forces

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  1. Our prayers are with you, God is working through you! Keep up the good work, we wish we could be there also. M&S.Meyer