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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kids, Facilities, and Departures

Very busy the last 36 hours but here are a few pics:

Melissa Gregorius Plays with the kids just before departure.

Dr. Mufa shows the wee ones the iPhone

A post-op patient and his family playing cards

Volunteers digging our 8 new latrine ditches 

Clearing for our new USAID water treatment plant (visible in the background)

Kay Wilkens (Univ. Texas), The Jobes, Melissa Gregorius on departure day.

The surgical nurse team and Dr. Jesse head home (Myself & Joe Kim LLUSM 2010 on the right)

My roommate who shows himself every once in a while

Again... there are so many people and groups wanting to volunteer their time and skills here at HAH that we have had to setup a management group stateside simply to orchestrate the volunteer groups.  We have asked that all volunteers or groups of volunteers wishing to serve here to please contact the LLU Global Health Institute prior to making travel plans.  Haiti is going to need volunteer help for a very long time and we will need each of you at some point, just not all at once.  Thanks.

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