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Friday, January 22, 2010

We are staying with our mission

The executive team of Hopital Adventiste d’Haiti met late on Friday night to decide on a course of action for the hospital. We have had a number of mild to moderate aftershocks and earthquakes in our region and there is mixed information about an increase in seismic activity over the next 36 hours. After careful consideration it was decided to continue on our current course but for the safety of the patients we would move all of them outside the hospital. This actually only affected our pacu and post-op patients from today's late surgeries. These two services were offered in the south west wing of the hospital, the only area of the hospital that was determined by a qualified structural engineer as a potential hazard. Additionally it was recommended but not required that the staff sleep outside. We volunteered to serve these people and we're not going to abandon them in their time of need.

Moving the last of the patients out of the hospital just before midnight

I know I keep promising more pictures and I do have them but I've gotta go to bed. Maybe tomorrow...

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  1. Hey docs
    fellow orthopedic surgeon here from NC coming down with Compassion International. The local Adventisit hospital (Park Ridge) contacted me and said you could use another surgeon. I am coming for a week with CI. Can I bring anything??
    Angus Graham MD
    Brevard Orthopedics
    Brevard , NC