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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sabbath at the Hopital

We have had an amazing day here at Hopital Adventiste d’Haiti. Sabbath here was rather like a Sabbath at an Adventist campmeeting. Morning services were held and hymns (albeit slightly distorted) were broadcast over our sea of patients in their tents.

We were blessed with the arrival of Dr. Lew Zirkle of Sign foundation an innovator in orthopedic implants for the developing world. With Dr. Zirkle’s assistance and equipment the surgical team tackled our pending femur fracture patients.

Dr. Lew Zirkle and his assistant Jeanne Dillner

Fractured Femurs

We were also excited to have the LLU Public Health Assessment team here at the hospital, with special thanks to the ongoing work of Dr. Ryan Sinclair on our water treatment system. This team is working feverishly to improve the emerging public health crisis at the Seventh-day Adventist university up the street from us where there are approximately 30,000 refugees camped out. (picture of the team in the post below)

Last but not least one of the highlights of the day was the arrival of a Field Operating Room from GlobalMedic of Canada. This inflatable structure combined with the field O.R. Equipment donated by the U.S. military last night, provides us a contingency plan should our in-hospital O.R.s be compromised by future seismic instability. This structure may also be used for a post-op ward at some point. (pictures of the new facility in the post below)


  1. andrew
    how do i get to the hospital. coming monday from NC. i see that the hospital is in carrefore. is it hard to find??
    angus graham
    nc orthopedic surgeon
    compassion international

  2. Praise the Lord for all the help you're getting! Delighted to see the photo of the autoclave, OR tent, supplies, and additional surgeons and staff!!! Such answers to prayers!
    Wonderful to hear on the news of various Christian groups worshipping in their camps–a marvelous testimony to God's love in the most trying of circumstances. God is Good!
    Praying daily for God's Spirit and angels to give all of you strength to do all the surgeries and make the difficult and heart rending decisions. May the Lord breathe life and rest in His presence as you continue to care for and love the sick. May the Lord of Healing spread His presence all over your grounds to quickly heal those you have operated on and to revive your spirits. Wanda