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Friday, January 29, 2010

The US Armed Forces at HAH

US Ambassador Thomas Merten sent in the troops today.  When the ambassador visited Hopital Adventiste d' Haiti on Wednesday, I asked him for two things a structural inspection of the hospital and bottled water.  Well, today just as I was heading to the airport to pick up the Parkridge surgical team, up walked 3 U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to do a full inspection of the facility.  While I do not have their final written report, I am happy to report that they say the entire building is safe to occupy and they would allow their own mothers to sleep here in the hospital.  This is very encouraging and comforting news.

The USACE Team

While the USACE team was inspecting the building two huge U.S. Marine transport trucks arrived, one full of bottled water and one full of food (MREs).  This was a serious boost for our morale as we now have food and water for everyone on the hospital grounds for at least a week.  

I said BIG trucks, full of food and water

A long line of volunteer help to move the MREs and water into the hospital

It's hard to believe that it was only 7 days ago that we were moving our patients out of the hospital for fear of significant structural damage to the southwest wing, what a difference a week makes.  By the way, the Parkridge team is here safe and sound and were already in the O.R. doing cases this afternoon.  Thank you all for your continued prayers and support of our mission here at Hopital Adventiste d' Haiti.

Parkridge team leaving Ft. Pierce FL for Port-au-Prince Haiti

Scroll down for pictures of the 6 babies born here at HAH last night.

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  1. Thank You, Jesus! You keep meeting so many needs! Thank You for the structural engineers to look carefully at the hospital and for the good report. Thank You for the food and water. Thank you for more medical teams to help with the surgeries and patients. So much good is coming out of so much bad. God bless the Haitians. May they know how much You love them!!!