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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Three members of LLU’s Team are on their way

Sorry for the late update to the blog but I’ve been a little busy today finishing up logistics for the team, packing 100+ lbs of surgical gear and packing my personal goods for a trip into a very hostile environment. I am writing this from a terminal in LAX as I wait for a red-eye flight to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. In FLF I will join Mike Fischell (Anesthesiologist) and Christopher Vannnucci (Physician Assistant) both flying in from Las Vegas. We are scheduled to fly from FLF direct to PaP on a donated charter relief flight at 1:00PM eastern, but we’ve heard they are starting to limit even those previously “approved” charter flights. If we don’t fly tomorrow we are guaranteed on a Tuesday flight. The second part of the team will come in on similar fights on Wed or Thurs.

While I have had no direct communication with Scott since 5 AM yesterday morning I did speak several times with Marni. She has also had very limited contact with Scott but indicates that the supplies and team that arrived yesterday did get to him and provided some level of relief to he and his exhausted team.

Fund Raising update:

The LLU Haiti Relief fund has received over $35K since Thursday Jan 14th. We hear there is significantly more in the pipeline. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH and please keep the dollars flowing. Just so you all know, those dollars will go directly to the Haitian people and Hopital Adventiste d’Haiti. Your dollars are NOT funding travel costs or logistics, those costs are being absorbed by LLU, GHI, and AHI. Click here to donate now.

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  1. Andrew- thanks for the updates. Tell Scott that Karen says hi from Terry Dietrich's team. He and all the team are in our prayers in WI! Can you tell me what types of supplies would be helpful to get together as we plan a trip? Thanks!